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Tried taking a cute picture of the cat nestled between my legs.

Then this happened.

  1. madamemanly said: my headcanon for your cat is a nasally elderly person voice
  2. biggayoceanbaby reblogged this from southpawscopic and added:
    But mommy, I only try to eat you because I love you!
  3. southpawscopic posted this

Greetings! I'm Southpaw: awesome asexual activist! You can find my vlogs about asexuality on my youtube account (Merrymer) and former videos on the youtube collab channel Hot Pieces of Ace. I also answer questions about asexuality on the Asexual Advice tumblr. And I'm open to any and all questions here!

I also really like hedgehogs. :3

Agender. Pronouns: she/her/hers/herself.

I have an "about me" page that I can't seem to find how to link to. But it's there...somewhere...

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